Carrying case for S8005C with HE8805 with accessories (2. generation), 106877

  • robust carrying case (without content) with moulded foam inserts and removable inner compartment fitting to sensor S8005C, heat exchanger HE8005 and accessories
  • material: robust black polyprolpylen, stainless steel
  • machined  foam inserts made of high-quality closed porous material
  • temperature resistance of the carrying case: -20...+90°C
  • complete with retractable handle, two double stepped locks and two metal reinforced eyelets for padlocks (padlocks not included to delivery) at the front side, in addition one each retractable handle and a double stepped lock on each side
  • underneath attached trolley for easy carrying
  • to be used for storage and transport (for shipping ONLY with additional packaging according to GREGORY Technology shipping instructions)
  • overall dimmension, approx. (LxWxH in mm): 630x500x310
  • weight (without content): 11kg

Please note: for a complete system SYS-FLOW-... the carrying case 106720 carrying case for SE8005D/SCU800D or S8005AD/S8005AD-2 comp. with accessories (2. generation) is additionally required.