Company Profile GREGORY Techonology GmbH

The company GREGORY Technology was founded in 1996 as a sales organisation for automotive testing equipment. Nowadays the company is also manufacturing systems for fuel consumption measurement. Members of the GREGORY Technology staff have more than 20 years of international experience in automotive instrumentation and testing.

GREGORY Technology supplies flowtronic systems world-wide for mobile and stationary applications. The use of most modern CAD and ERP software, competent and reliable manufacturing and service partners as well as experienced coworkers form the basis for the high-quality and successful flowtronic products "Designed and Made in Germany".

At the same time the medium-size engineering enterprise GREGORY Technology sets high value on independency from corporations and banks. This enables GREGORY Technology to response fast and flexibel on the needs of the market place and the worldwide customers.

Special solutions are generally realizable very fast by modular construction and manufacturing methods.

The company location is Mainz, which is distinguished by its central location within Germany and a short connection to the Frankfurt airport.