Software flowArchive

The software flowArchive is designed to link to calculation- and display- unit flowtronic 206 of company GREGORY Technology GmbH.

The program reads via a serial interface the information from the Calculation and Display Unit flowtronic 206 and stores the information in a file. The file can be read with Microsoft Excel. The file will hold an additional identification. The identification is text (e.g. maximum of 256 characters), which can be edited by the user before executing the test.

The software flowArchive is a 32-bit program for operating systems Windows 95, 98SE, NT, 2000 or XP with at least than 800 x 600 pixels screen resolution. It is for the device configuration flowtronic 206 with modem cable and PC (IBM compatible).


If you need more technical informations or support about the software, please contact us per e-mail.