Operation of flowtronic systems

  • Mounting and operation of all components of flowtronic fuel consumption measurement units has to be executed by qualified and trained technically skilled employees.
  • Installing the system and operating the system requires to obey all security regulations valid for the working place, the place of installation and the handling with fuel. Additionally it is requested to obey all locally relevant and the company regulations.
  • Before the first installation, after each installation and regular during the operation the fuel measurement set-up needs to be checked for leakage or irregularities. Measurement operation has to be stopped due to security reasons in case of leakage or irregularities!
  • It is important to make sure, that the quick couplings for the fuel pipes lock tight – otherwise fuel leakage occurs.
  • In general and independent from fuel consumption measurement it is strongly recommended to provide suitable fire extinguishing equipment within test vehicles and test benches. This recommendation relates to insurance requirements, too. Test vehicles and test benches always represent a high priced equipment that requires special protection (like fire protection) in any case.


Safety instructions