Quick-Lock couplings

Quick-Lock couplings on the fuel tubes and the system components of the flowtronic fuel metering systems allow fast coupling and de-coupling
The correct operation ensures the long lifetime of the quick-lock couplings and a leakage free operation of the fuel metering systems
A safe operation is only ensured if the quick-lock couplings are operated and locked correctly
Leakages with the quick-lock couplings which are worldwide in successful use for many years are usually explained by incorrect operation
The quick-lock couplings are self closing and usually mounted on the main system components. By contrast the tubes to be plugged into the quick-lock couplings are not self-closing
flowtronic systems with self-closing quick-lock couplings and tubes to be plugged into are available upon request and at additional costs

Nominal width

The following sizes are available:

Flat-Face Quick-Lock couplings:

  • NW 16.0 FF
  • NW 16.0 CFF
  • NW 10.0 FF
  • NW 6.3 FF
  • NW 6.0 FF

Self-Closing Quick-Lock couplings:

  • NW 9.5
  • NW 5.8
  • NW 5.0

Non Self-Closing Quick-Lock couplings:

  • NW 10.4
  • NW 5.5