Safety contact

The safety contact can not be used with the FCS-D-150. The FCS-D-150 is the only unit of the FCS systems do not have the security technology.

Alternatively and even more conveniently for the driver is the usage of the safety contact. The safety contact will connect to the yellow safety key socket only. The other end of the lead of the safety contact may connect to the contact 15 of the vehicle (please see: DIN 72552 is a DIN standard for automobile electric terminal numbers, standardizing almost every contact in an automobile with a number code. 15: battery+ from ignition switch).

The flowtronic FCS turns ON, when the driver starts ignition. The flowtronic FCS switches OFF, when the driver stops ignition. Similar to the safety key with rope, the lead of the safety contact may be fixed to the vehicle body in that way, that the safety contact is pulled out of its socket, if the flowtronic FCS falls off. In case of an accident the ignition will be shut off. If the safety contact is connected to the ignition, the flowtronic FCS will stop operation in the same moment the ignition is off.

The user may feed a different signal to the safety contact. As long as the voltage at the safety contact (yellow socket) is in the range from +5V DC
to +30V DC, the flowtronic system FCS fuel pump will run. The ground voltage level the safety contact voltage refers to is the ground voltage fed to the “Power 12V DC”. The signal current is in the range of up to 20mA.


If you need more technical informations or support about the safety contact, please contact us per e-mail.