Safety key for flowtronic systems

With rope flow-0420
Without rope flow-0485

The safety key can not be used with the FCS-D-150. The FCS-D-150 is the only unit of the FCS systems do not have the security technology.

The most customary feature is related to the safety key. The safety keyis inserted into the two sockets of your flowtronic system (yellow and red).

If the safety key is not inserted, the FCS operation control unit will shut off the fuel pump or will not even start the fuel pump. Such the safety key can be used to operate the flowtronic system FCS (FCS3 and FCS-D).

The FCS system is in stand by mode, if the safety key is not inserted into the sockets and if the electrical power switch is in FULL POWER or LOW POWER position.

Additionally the safety key can be used with a rope. The rope can be fixed to the vehicle body in that way, that in case the flowtronic system FCS falls of the vehicle, that the safety key will be pulled out of its sockets. As soon as the safety key is pulled, the flowtronic system FCS is switched off.



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