Handling instructions

To avoid damages in transit it is absolutely required to pack all products professional, humidity (water) protected and shock-resistant. Please use for any transport robust and solid cardboard boxes only.

Use sturdy boxes

For the shipment of large and heavy equipment boxes of 3 fold corrugated cardboard is required.

Floor padding

The ground of the box must be filled up with a layer of styrofoam (styropor) chips or screwed up packaging paper. Definitively preferred is screwed up packaging paper. In case of having styrofoam chips on the ground of the cardboard box the goods may sink through the chips layer down to the plain bottom of the cardboard box.

Insulated gaps

The equipment to be shipped must have sufficient space to the outside walls of the cardboard box. This space will be filled as a protection layer against shock etc. as follows.

The space and all gaps between the goods and the cardboard box have to be carefully filled with screwed up packaging paper.

Adequate insulation in the cover region

Finally a last layer of screwed up packaging paper covers the goods to the top of the cardboard box as a protection against damages from the top. Finally the shipping box will be closed robustly and securely.

Improper packaging

Thin-walled plastic cases for storage and carrying are without an additional cardboard box not suitable for any shipment. Pieces that should be shipped within cases like this need to be well packed within the case to protected them against damages. It is not sufficient to leave components unpacked in the case.


Shipping instructions