Suction Holders

  • Suction holders are used to mount sensors and accessories to the vehicle or to mount displays or monitors at the wind screen.
  • Suction holders can suck to flat or slightly curved surfaces, which guarantee a secure mount over a longer period of time.
  • The user needs to look for a tight fit of the suction holder, which may loosen due to sun radiation inducing heat to the rubber plate and the heat reducing the vacuum. The same warning implies for mounting the suction holder to warm surfaces, e. g. the hood.
  • The user needs to care for the correct weight introducing to the suction holder and the carrying capacity the suction holder can take.
  • The rubber plates have to be treated carefully. They have not to be damaged during transportation and storage. The rubber plates are damaged, if they are stored on a sharp edge. The sharp edge leaves an impression in the rubber, which prevents vacuum. Do not put the suction holder with the rubber plate on rough surfaces (e. g. on the road).
  • The user needs to check the rubber plates before each mounting. The rubber plates need to be smooth, clean, without a defect and without a tear.
  • Please use for cleaning the suction surfaces spirit (alcohol) or similar, less aggressive cleaning agents. Please notice, that the cleaning agent may damage the mounting surface on which the suction holder is to be mounted.
  • Verify, that the mounting surface, on which the suction holder is to be mounted, consist of a gas tight material. Additionally the surface needs to be clean, fat- and oil-free, otherwise the suction holder will not suck or suck only with limited force to the surface.
  • The user needs to feel the creation of the vacuum as mechanical resistance when throwing the lever.
  • Removing the suction holder requires no tools. It is compulsory, that the rubber plate is not removed with tools (e. g. sharp objects).
  • The user has to check regular the tight fit of all mounting devices used with the measurement set-up, especially after breaks (and after a night’s break).
  • A security rope may be content of delivery of suction holders to mount sensors or accessories to the vehicle. In case the producer provides the security rope, it has to be applied by the user. In case of an accident the security rope reduces the damage. It is recommended, that in case bigger monitors or displays are mounted with suction holders to the wind screen, that the devices lie on the dashboard and that they are supported by the dashboard.
  • The user needs to keep a clear sight through the windscreen, into the vehicle’s rear-view mirrors and on the vehicle’s instrumentation, even if a monitor or display is mounted to the windscreen.
  • The user needs to be aware, that suction holders with integrated manual hand pump can create a vacuum as big as necessary to crack a screen or to damage the surface.
  • The user has to use only original spare parts. Please contact us for further information.


If you need suction mounts for your application, please write us. We will gladly make you an offer.