A wide range of accessories for maximum flexibility and applications as well as easy handling of the flowtronic products.

GREGORY Technology provides special accessories for customized solutions upon request.

Overview Accessories

Adapter Set
There are a variety of adapter sets for different couplings and tube inner diameter available, so flowtronic devices are with all of the tubes and connections are compatible. 
Diesel Adapter Set
The diesel connection flow-0278 is an accessory to the heat exchanger and is used when the fuel pump is located on the engine. In this configuration, the fuel is sucked from the tank to the engine. On the engine, a pressure regulator is provided that adjusts the working pressure and excess fuel through the return line back to the tank. 
Pressure Regulator
Pressure regulator as an option to the heat exchanger HE8005 to adjust the fuel supply pressure to the engine according to the original value without installed flowtronic system. 
External Printer
The external thermal printer is a portable, battery-operated industrial printer with a robust, glass fiber -plastic housing. Your test results from the electronic signal SCU8005D can be printed. 
Push Button
Push button to be used as an optional remote control of the signal electronic SE8005D. 
Pressure Gauges
Pressure gauges are used to determing the pressure in the fuel supply and return line. Easy installation into the fuel circuit is given by quick-lock couplings on the pressure gauges. A variety of gauges, for the various equipment and sizes of couplings are available. 
Tube Sets
Tube sets are split for the connections, the motor, the tank, coming from the engine and coming from the tank. They serve the fast connection of devices to the original fuel system. 
Tool Box
For a clean and easy measurement procedure the right tool is required. With the various tool boxes with spare parts, suitable for different couplings, we provide the necessary equipment.