The Diesel adaptor set flow-0278 belongs as accessories to the heat exchanger units. It is used, when the fuel pump of the fuel system is located directly at the engine. This fuel system sucks the fuel from the tank to the engine. A pressure regulator directly at the engine directs the excess fuel back to the tank. This type of fuel system set up is common for Diesel engines.

The original fuel circuit directs the excess fuel from the engine back to the tank. The sensor will measure a far to high fuel consumption, as it is placed in the feed line. The flowtronic measuring system requires to stop the return fuel flow from the engine to the tank. The heat exchanger unit directs the return fuel from the engine directly back into the feed flow to the engine.

Functional Discription

The Diesel adaptor set for the heat exchanger unit is a Y-adapter. It has one male plug and two female connectors. The Y-adapter is marked yellow.

It is used at the flowtronic heat exchanger unit as Y-distributor for the modified fuel circuit. Further information regarding the heat exchanger unit is available in the respective technical data sheet.


A vehicle specific connection set or the universal connection set are used to install the tube connections. A vehicle specific connection set can be offered on request.


If you need more technical informations or support about the adaptor set, please contact us per e-mail.