Robust and universal carrying cases made of impact-resistant and fuel-resistant plastic for transport and storage of flowtronic systems.

An additional carrying case for the signal electronic, cables and accessories, provides increased protection against damage and contamination by any remains of fuel.

Carrying Cases

Carrying Case S8005
Robust carrying case for sensor S8005C with signal electronic SCU8005D, S8005AD-2 or microTAARE F1 
Carrying Case S8005C+HE8005.
Carrying case for sensor S8005C with heat exchanger HE8005. 
Carrying Case for FCS-D
Carrying case for FCS-D 150-700 system.  
Carrying Case Signal Electronic
Carrying case for signal electronic SE8005D/SCU8005D, S8005AD/S8005AD-2 or microTAARE F1