System FCS-D-150

The FCS system-D-150 is an integrated system for the measurement of engines (diesel engines) with forward and return line for fuel supply with the fuel pump at the engine (suction).

The measuring range is 0.1 to 250l/h, and the output of the internal pump for fuel circulation is max. 170l/h. The FCS-D-150 system can be easily installed into the existing fuel supply via four fuel tube connections equipped with quick lock couplings.

With many engine types the installed fuel supply system does not only provide fuel for combustion. The overall system functionality consists of fuel supply to the engine, the return of surplus fuel back to the tank and the constant fuel circulation for cooling of the fuel supply components located close to the engine.
For correct fuel consumption measurement, the FCS-D-150 system splits the original fuel circuit into two separate circuits.

One circiut is related to the engine and the other is related to the tank. This design allows correct fuel consumption measurement by the flowtronic sensor which is located between the tank circuit and the engine circuit. This sensor
module is based on a four piston counter.

To avoid overheating and gas bubbles within the engine related fuel circulation the FCS-D-150 includes a heat exchanger module for cooling. The fuel pump within the FCS-D-150 system provides the required fuel supply to the engine as well as fuel circulation for cooling purpose. For proper operation, the system is protected by one easy accessible fuel filter.

Two different system types are availabe: system FCS-D-150 and sensor system FCS-D-150. The scope of delivery differs in the signal electronic SE8005D (with touch-screen display and software) or S8005AD (low-budget version with TTL and analogue signal output only).

Available Versions


System FCS-D-150

  • designed for fuel consumption measurement of engines with the fuel supply pump located at the engine (underpressure fuel supply, typically diesel engines)
  • integrated stand-alone system complete with sensor unit, heat exchanger and fuel pump in a robust housing as well as external signal electronic SCU8005D robust design, compact size and few maintenance requirement
  • measuring range: 0.1 up to 250l/h
  • measuring accuracy: ± 0.5% of reading (at a flow rate 1l/h to 50l/h)
  • resolution: 0.004ml
  • operational pressure: max. 0.2bar
  • fuel delivery rate of built-in pump up to approx. 170l/h
  • sensors for fuel temperature and fuel pressure (option)
  • power supply 10...15V DC from vehicle battery
  • robust carrying case with fuel resistant special foam inserts for transport and storage
  • size (width x height x depth): approx. 265x193x390mm
  • weight: approx. 15kg

Sensor System FCS-D-150

  • same scope of delivery, but
  • signal electronic S8005AD-2 with TTL and analogue signal output only for connection to a customer's data acquisition

Product Information

flowtronic FCS-D-150