System S8005 with HE8005

As an extended complete system on the basis of the sensor S8005C in combination with the heat exchanger HE8005 it is for engines with fuel supply to the engine and fuel return back to the tank.

Extending the sensor with the optional heat exchange unit flowtronic HE8005 enables the system to operate also with engines which have a fuel supply system with fuel return back to the tank. In addition the heat exchange unit avoids gas bubbles within the engine related fuel circuit in case of high ambient temperatures. An extra pressure regulator provides manual pressure adjustment within the fuel supply to engine. The fuel return pressure cannot be adjusted.

Two different system types are availabe: system S8005C with HE8005 and sensor system S8005C with HE8005. The scope of delivery differs in the signal electronic SE8005D (with touch-screen display and software) or S8005AD (low-budget version with TTL and analogue signal output only).

Features System S8005C with HE8005 and SCU8005D

  • designed for fuel consumption measurement of engines with the fuel supply pump located at the engine or at/ in the tank (overpressure/ underpressure fuel supply)
  • modular, stand-alone system with sensor S8005C, heat exchanger HE8005, fuel supply conditioning as well as external signal electronic SCU8005D
  • robust design, compact size and few maintenance requirement
  • measuring range: 0.1 up to 250l/h
  • measuring accuracy: ± 0.5% of reading (at a flow rate 1 l/h to 50 l/h)
  • resolution: 0.004 ml
  • operational pressure: max. 5bar
  • fuel circulation rate of the internal fuel pump up to 170l/h and 1 bar
  • conditioning of the fuel supply pressure
  • suitable for gasoline, diesel, alcohol based and bio fuel
  • external signal electronic with easy operation via touch screen display, analogue and digital signal outputs, RS232/USB interface for external PC and printer, signal input for distance sensor or GPS based system for distance related fuel consumption measurement, software for data transmission and storage on external PC
  • sensors for fuel temperature and fuel pressure (option)
  • quick-lock couplings, spill-free couplings upon request
  • power supply 10…15V DC from vehicle battery
  • robust carrying case with fuel resistant special foam inserts for transport and storage

Features Sensor System S8005C with HE8005 and S8005AD-2

  • same scope of delivery, but
  • signal electronic S8005AD-2 with TTL and analogue signal output only for connection to a customer's data acquisition