Correvit® L-350 Aqua Non-Contact Optical Sensor

The Correvit L-350 Aqua sensor is designed for application under extreme testing conditions, e.g. measuring longitudinal dynamics on snow and ice as well as wet surfaces.

The Correvit L-350 Aqua sensor produce outstanding accuracy on all standard test surfaces – wet or dry. Designed for applications such as aquaplaning testing, the L-350 Aqua sensor mark a major step in the evolution of the proven Correvit optical measurement principle. The L-350 Aqua sensor adapt  automatically to smooth, static water-covered surfaces, as well as to areas of moving or turbulent water, or sprayed surfaces.

State-of-the-art optical elements combined with optoelectronic components and digital signal processing remove spurious signals created by moving water. The working range of 220 ... 480 mm make the L-350 Aqua sensor also suitable for application with SUVs and trucks.

  • Speed range: 0,3 ... 250 km/h
  • Distance resolution: 1,5 mm
  • Measurement accuracy: <± 0,2 %
  • Measurement frequency: 250 Hz
  • Working distance and range: 350 ± 130 mm

Product Information

Sensor L-350 Aqua


The L350 sensor can be connected directly to the signal electronic flowtronic SCU8005D.

The combination with this sensor enables distance-based measurements with flowtronic systems.