Microstar II Non - Contact Microwave Sensor

The Microstar II Sensor is designed for longitudinal vehicle dynamics tests which require a large working range, making him ideally suited for off-road applications.

The measurement principle of the Microstar II Sensor is based on the Radar-Doppler-Effect. The sensor consists of a twobeam planar antenna and the new CDS electronics unit with CAN bus. The very large working distance of 300 ... 1 200 mm makes it ideally suited for applications with utility and off-road vehicles and to accurately measure longitudinal speed under extreme conditions, e.g. in woods or mountains, where GPS or optical sensors are not capable of good measurements.

Within the product range, sensors of the Microstar type are the most cost-efficient solution for measuring longitudinal dynamics.

  • Speed range: 0,5 ... 400 km/h
  • Distance resolution: 9,5 mm
  • Measurement accuracy: <±0,5 %
  • Measurement frequency: 250 Hz
  • Working range: 300 ... 1 200 mm

Product Information

Microstar Sensor


The MicroStar sensor can be connected directly to the signal electronic flowtronic SCU8005D.

The combination with this sensor enables distance-based measurements with flowtronic systems.