Heat Exchanger HE8005

The heat exchanger HE8005 as a complement to the sensor S8005C allows the measuring of engines with a fuel return line back to tank. Depending on the configuration of the fuel supply system, you can measure by engines with the fuel pump at the engine or at the tank.

In addition the heat exchange unit avoids gas bubbles within the engine related fuel circuit in case of high ambient temperatures.

An extra pressure regulator provides manual pressure adjustment within the fuel supply to engine. The fuel return pressure cannot be adjusted.


  • for direct mounting in the fuel supply system
  • to be used with the flowtronic sensors S8005C/S8005
  • robust unit in aluminium housing
  • for gasoline, Diesel and alcohol based fuel types
  • quick-lock couplings: NW5.8 self closing (for tube with fuel filter NW5.0, self closing), optional NW6.0FF
  • delivery rate of built-in fuel pump (at 12V nominal voltage)
  • at 5bar: 90l/h
  • at 1bar: 170l/h
  • power supply: (7...15V DC)
  • current consumption: max. 245W at nominal 12V
  • mounting orientation: any
  • operating pressure: max. 5bar, optional 10bar
  • size (width x height x depth): 250x85x195mm (without connectors)
  • weight: approx. 5.6kg

Option pressure transducer:

  • pressure transducer, 0.25% accuracy, 0 to 6bar: 104456
  • signal cable for pressure transducer, 4m, open end: G-K1092