Quick Overview flowtronic
The general aim of reducing the fuel consumption of combustion engines continually sets high demands on the equipment used for fuel comsumption measurement.
These demands are covered by the modern flowtronic systems. 
Why flowtronic
The 4-piston meters are the classical sensors for accurate volume measurement. The fuel flowing through the sensor sets the piston into motion. This results in the rotation of the crankshaft, which is a measure of the volume flowing through the sensor element. The sensing element is very robust, insensitive to shock/vibration and thus, if properly used very long-lasting.  
flowtronic systems are designed for various applications of fuel consumption testing on combustion engines with fuel types like gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and alcohol based fuel. 
Sensor Design
The most important part in the fuel consumption measurement system is the flowtronic sensor, which acts as measuring cell and which is installed into the fuel supply system of the internal combustion engine. The measuring cell captures the fuel volume flowing through it. 
System Selection
General information, details on possible options as well as checklists for download.
With this information, the most appropriate flowtronic system solution can be provided. 
The fuel consumption measurement systems can be installed very fast in each vehicle and give a direct display of the actual consumption. Units can be metric or English (imperial or US). Sticking to the prescribed measurement conditions the values are given according to DIN.