flowtronic systems are designed for various applications of fuel consumption testing on combustion engines with fuel types like gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and alcohol based fuel.

The measuring range of 0.1 ...250l/h covers compact two-wheeler's engines up to very large engines of trucks and specialised vehicles.

Depending on the system configuration, they are suitable for engines with and without fuel return to the tank and for fuel supply with over pressure (pump at/in the tank) or underpressure (pump at the engine).

Additionaly the flowtronic systems can provide up to 700l/h fuel circulation rate.

The field of applications includes motor bikes, passenger cars, trucks, busses, commercial vehicles, specialised vehicles like equipment for earth moving, mining, material handling and ports, cranes, diesel locomotives, tracked vehicles and boats. Hybrid vehicles are an application for flowtronic systems, too. 

All systems are designed for mobile usage as well as for test bench installation.

They are tailored to the usual applications and GREGORY Technology also provides customer specific solutions upon request.