System Selection in General

All the basic information on system selection in general are contained in the flowtronic system selection chart for download.

Within the flowtronic product information for download the entire product range is described.

Detailed System Selection Guide

The selection of a flowtronic system is based on 6 main subjects:

  1. Type of Vehicle
  2. Fuel Supply System
  3. Measurement Details
  4. Power Supply
  5. Tube Sets
  6. Quick-Lock Couplings

The modular design offers maximum flexibility for configuration according to customer specifications.

The following details are summarized in a checklist that can be downloaded as a pdf document.

1. Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle provides among other information with respect to size, system configuration and power supply.

  • motorcycle
  • cars
  • truck / bus
  • others (eg, special vehicles, cranes, diesel locomotives, track vehicles and boats)

2. Fuel Supply System

Type of fuel

  • gasoline
  • diesel
  • biofuels
  • other

Arrangement of the low-pressure fuel supply pump(s) (not the high-pressure injection pump)

  • at the tank (pump@tank), pressure in the fuel line to engine
  • at the engine (pump@engine), negative pressure in the fuel supply to the engine
  • supply pump at the tank and additional pump at the engine

Fuel supply system

  • fuel supply to the engine without return to the tank (open loop)
  • fuel supply to the engine with fuel return to the tank (closed loop)
  • Is the fuel pressure within the return line from engine to tank monitored for limits?
  • fuel pressures and internal diameters of the fuel tubes to the engine and back to the tank

3. Measurement Details

Required measuring range of the sensor

  • expected maximum consumption in l / h

Signal electronics

  • version with display, signal output and integrated software for standard measurements
  • optional printer
  • basic version with signal outputs (no display, no software, no optional printer)

signal outputs

  • scaling required for digital and analog output

Temperature measurement (optional)

  • K-type thermocouple or Pt100

Pressure measurement (optional)

  • accuracy of the pressure sensor

4. Power Supply

Power supply

  • 12 V DC or 24 V DC
  • type of vehicle-side connections (connectors, battery terminals, other)

5. Tube Sets

Tube sets for connecting the flowtronic system into the fuel circle

  • inner diameter
  • material (viton or polyamid)

6. Quick-Lock Couplings

Type of the couplings for all fuel connections of the flowtronic system

  • not self-closing
  • self-closing
  • self-closing, leak-free
  • special versions

Product information and checklist for download

flowtronic leaflet

flowtronic selection chart

flowtronic checklist

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