Signal Electronic S8005AD-2

Further development of the signal electronic S8005AD. Alternative signal electronic that allows direct connection of flowtronic systems to a customer's data acquisition.

  • with one each analogue and digital output
  • without PC connection and without input for distance sensor or for trigger signal
  • analog output: 0...10V DC for 0...100l/h (standard)
  • digital output (TTL): 800 pulses/ccm (standard)
  • other signal output setups upon request
  • signal output via BNC connectors
  • power supply nominal: 12 V DC
  • power supply range: 8...30V DC
  • size (width x height x depth): 110x45x165mm (without connectors)
  • weight: approx. 500g

the operation with flowtronic sensor S8005C requires an additional power supply cable:

  • power supply cable, Lemosa plug/BOSCH connector:
    • 2m: 105596
    • 5m: 105597
    • 10m: 105861
    • 15m: 105864


  • power supply cable, Lemosa plug/4mm banana plugs:
    • 2m: 105595
    • 5m: 104878
    • 10m: 105862
    • 15m: 105865

FCS-D-xxx systems power the signal conditioning unit via the sensor signal cable, a power supply cable is not needed

available option:

  • option TTL OUT frequency divider: 105608