Software flowProArchive, 104054

The software “flowProArchive” is a 32-bit program running under MS-Windows XP ... Windows 8. It is designed for data transfer between the signal electronic SCU8005D to a notebook/PC via serial connection USB. Ethernet connection is also available as an option. The system parameters of the signal electronic SCU8005D can be set by this software.

On top the software provides data transmission from the signal processing unit to the notebook/PC and creates test data files. These files can be imported to spread sheet calculation software for further evaluation and presentation.

The software “flowProArchive” provides additional functionality like off-line on-screen test data presentation in table or graphic format. The much more advanced software “flowDataProArchive” is designed for special applications with many test data files (for example like fleet testing) and offers much more functionality especially for test data handling and test data evaluation. This software version will be designed according to the customer’s requirements.

  • software for notebook/PC (not included) for data transfer from the flowtronic signal electronic unit SCU8005D and for data evaluation
  • communication via serial interface USB, optional via Ethernet
  • data storage in csv file, ASCII compatible
  • data presentation in table format for the values time, flow rate and   total consumption
  • off-line graphical data presentation of flow rate and total consumption vs. time, full automatic scale range only, without zoom function and/or selectable scaling
  • 32 bit software designed for Win XP (min. SP2), VISTA (32-bit), Windows 7 oder Windows 8

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Please download here the latest version of the software flowProArchive.