Product Overview

flowtronic systems for fuel consumption measurement at internal combustion engines. 
Complete Systems
Complete systems are given for different applications depending on the measured engine and fuel efficiency. 
Sensor S8005C
The flowtronic Sensor S8005C is a compact flow sensor for measuring the fuel consumption in internal combustion engines.

The easy handling, robust construction and high measurement accuracy, is the most diverse flowtronic sensor for the requirements of the fuel consumption measurement. 
Signal Electronics
flowtronic signal electronics optimize the performance of the sensor element and are available in two models. 
The software flowProArchive can be used in combination with the signal electronic SCU8005D. 
Heat Exchanger HE8005
Heat exchangers for use in the systems with the flowtronic sesnor S8005C to condition the fuel supply in the supply to the engine. 
Distance Sensors
Distance sensors for connection to the electronic signal SCU8005D. With An optional distance sensor, the fuel consumption measurement can be based on the distance or speed. 
Wide range of accessories for maximum flexibility and applications for flowtronic products.

For special applications GREGORY Technology provides on request accessories for customized solutions. 
Carrying Cases
Robust and universal transport case made of impact-resistant and fuel-resistant plastic for transport and storage of flowtronic systems. 
Distributor Boxes
Robust distribution boxes in various versions and with different features for the safe-12V power supply for the measurement in the vehicle.